Information for introduction course participant

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What you need for the course:

  • Wetsuit or drysuit. It is not often that the water temperature in Trøndelag makes it particularly comfortable to spend much time in the water without. It also gets cold when you get out of the water again. If you want to do the course without, please let me know before the first day. A cheap wetsuit for a few hundred kroner does the trick and keeps you much warmer than without.
    If you don’t have your own wetsuit you can borrow one from K-Vel.
  • Dress according to the conditions. If it is cold, wool underwear under a wetsuit / drysuit is recommended. Use a jacket (water resistant) on top of the wetsuit if the weather is cold or windy.
  • Shoes. Neoprene shoes or bathing shoes if you have. Shoes without laces (or taped laces) would also be OK. The shoes will be wet.
  • Extra set of clothes in a waterproof bag (you can borrow a bag).
  • Something to drink and a maybe chocolate or similar for when we take a break.

Information and theory document
Download this document and read it before the course. Everyone having some basic knowledge will let us run through the course more efficiently.
Link to the document

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